Friends: A lot has happened in the last 6 months behind the scenes. We filmed a movie short, cleaned the upper floors of the Atlas and readied them for tours, conducted 3 input sessions, been awarded a grant to strip and repaint the face of the Atlas and most importantly, established a Friends of the Atlas financial policy with the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players.

1. Listening and Input Sessions:
If you have not attended an Input Session, the next ones are scheduled for:

Saturday April 22nd, 1 pm - 3 pm
Sunday May 7th, 1 pm - 3 pm
Wednesday May 17th, 5:30 pm - 7 pm

Request you contemplate the following questions as they will be the basis of listening/input sessions. The Input team is developing many more questions, topics and details to be discussed later.
- What is the size of a community theater?
- What makes the "Atlas" the "Atlas"?
- What are the historically critical elements of the Atlas?
- What is a doable fund-raising budget? What will the Cheyenne community support?

  • What amenities for patrons and rentals would you like at the Atlas?
  • What shows or performances would you like to be on the production calendar?

2. Lady Emerald is available for your group:
An 8-minute movie with a FOTA speaker is now available for your group or organization to highlight the Atlas and how to participate in the Friends of the Atlas.

3. Existing Building Condition Team:
Bob Clary, P.E., has been evaluating the structural integrity of the building of the Atlas. Because his "retirement" work schedule has been very full he has promised a report by the end of April.

4. Grant for Stripping and Repainting the Facade of the Atlas
The Downtown Development Authority awarded a grant for this major renovation project which will be accomplished this summer.

5. Funding Development Team:
In the next 4 months we will pursue various grants for the professional services needed for the project program phase.

6. Resources:
If you would like a copy of The Westlake Reed Leskosky (the authors of the 2008 Atlas Restoration report), please contact Alane West ( to request a digital copy.

Contact was made with the League of Historic American Theaters. A conference is being held in Los Angeles in July 2017. This will be attended by Wayne Hansen and Alane West.
The web site LHAT has a historic theater rescue, restoration, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse manual that has great value and is free of charge to down load: under resources tab.

7. Parking Report:
The Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and consultants (Kimley-Horn & Assoc.) were contracted to provide a strategic parking plan for Downtown Cheyenne. They are in the process of finalizing the report but right now they show that there is ample parking for the areas for existing conditions and volume.

We hope this will be the start of a possible support for a loading/unloading zone in front of the Atlas during performance times, the creation of a rear loading/unloading zone for use 24/7 and the possibility of a cross walk in front of the Atlas over to the potential new parking structure at the Hole.

8. Research on the Atlas:
The team developed a list of research needs for the Historic Preservation Board. Community stakeholder James Fuller (HPB past president) is coordinating the research effort. This also includes funding potentials through a variety of sources. James has found amazing information about the fire screen and its history. We are starting the process of finding conservation/restoration professionals to help us with saving this Cheyenne treasure.

9. Conservation of Documents:
An ongoing cataloging and search for all documents concerning the Atlas. Drawings, photos, previous reports, etc has started. It is the team's intent to provide access to these documents to all involved in some electronic form – possibly a "drop box". These documents are of great value. We ask that you ask your "contacts" for any existing documents, keep your eye out for them. They will be scanned and returned to the owner.

10. Kickoff:
The Kickoff of the Phase 2 of the fundraising for the Atlas will start at the CLTP Season announcement on Friday April 28th, 6:30 pm at the Atlas.
This includes:

  • A "Save the Lady" lobby display for community awareness and fundraising. Movie shorts about the Atlas will be featured.
  • "Lady Emerald" will be the FOTA hostess and will direct you to tours and also a mini-input session, and explain how to be involved in the community listening/input sessions, Atlas sponsorship and become a member of the Friends of the Atlas.
  • Video taping of "my memories of the Atlas" - a chance for all those who have special memories to be recorded

11. Hard Hat Tours of the Atlas:
As a Friend of the Atlas, you and your guests are invited to take a tour in the month of April before the general public. Dates and times for tours are below.
You do need to make a reservation. These are small groups tours of 5 or less.
To make your reservation by phone call 307-369-2485 and leave a message with your desired time and contact information OR email You will receive a confirmation call or email within 24 hours.

Tour dates and times:
Saturday April 8th starting on the hour from 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon
Saturday April 21st and Sunday April 22nd starting on the hour at 4:30 and 5:30
Friday, April 28th before the CLTP Season Announcement, Starting at 5 pm, 5:30 pm and 6 pm.

Tours last approx. 35-40 minutes, depending on the questions asked. The tour requires wearing a hard hat, involves climbing stairs and is not appropriate for children under 12 years of age.

We are still recruiting guides and training will go on throughout the year.
The next guide training session is April 22nd.

12. The 4th Annual Restoring the Spirit of the Atlas 5-Course Wine Pairing Dinner will be held on Saturday, September 9th at the Atlas.
If you would like to be part of the planning team, let us know.

13. Volunteer needs:
We are in need of several volunteers to support the FOTA activities.


  • Librarian - to manage all the documents, research and scan.
  • Data base and calendar maintenance
  • Grant writing
  • Social media Facebook, twitter, u-tube
  • Media development - photo shop, event photography, video
  • PR - manager
  • Fundraising/event manager
  • Tour Guides
  • Atlas upper floors "harvesting" volunteer coordinator and volunteers for working.
  • Coordinator of "My memories of the Atlas"- input/video download.

Job Descriptions
Team Member:
1. Meets regularly to build an action plan to support the work of renovating the Atlas Theater.
2. Identifies other team members and stakeholders who can help with the cause.
3. Identifies potential funding sources.
4. Briefs the CLTP Board on progress and challenges and expectations.
5. Does the heavy lifting for the Board as a Board Committee with Board liaison.
6. Conducts public updates on the plan's progress.
7. Continues after the Atlas is renovated to assure sustainability.

1. Attends informational updates presented by the team.
2. Lends support and community connections to achieve the goals.
3. Is involved to demonstrate broad-based support for the project.
4. A quotable source for support.
5. Acts as ambassador for CLTP and for the project.
6. Requires unending commitment to the Atlas.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be matched to fund the Atlas Theatre's façade restoration.


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